Missionaries Sent From Grace of Calvary Baptist Church

  • Grace of Calvary has had the honor of sending missionaries from our Church. Please consider supporting these missionaries.

Grace of Calvary Bible Institute

  • A Bible School for local students who want to take full or part time classes.

Worldwide Missions

  • Christ commands us to “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15). Since we cannot do this alone we at Grace of Calvary believe in sponsoring those missionaries all over the world who can.

Reformers Unanimous

  • Reformers Unanimous is a Christ centered, faith based addictions program designed to direct the addicted back to God’s support group, the local church. Since it’s inception at Grace of Calvary Baptist Church, many people in Erie and the surrounding areas have came to know Christ as Savior and break free from the bondage of their addiction. Reformers Unanimous meets every Friday here at Grace of Calvary Baptist Church.

Saints of the Roundtable

  • The Saints of the Round Table Ministry of Grace of Calvary Baptist Church has as its purpose the mentoring, maturing and ministering of and to men. It is designed to help men, who now Christ as Savior, become all that God intends them to be and to do all that God intends them to do. This ministry aims at educating, edifying and elevating the Christian male through the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit and help them minister to their families, church and community.

Stable Printing Ministry

  • The Stable Printing Ministry was started in 1994 for the purpose of providing “High Quality” printed material for God’s people. The Stable endeavors to consistantly provide high quality printing for churches, missionaries and ministries that desire to reach a lost and dying world with the good news of the gospel.

Bus Ministry

  • The bus ministry’s purpose is to reach others with the gospel by providing transportation so that they can attend church where they can learn about Jesus and the things of God through Sunday school and Worship. Grace of Calvary Baptist Church provides FREE transportation to anyone who has no way to get to church. We provide rides for children and adults along with people with physical disabilities including wheelchair.

Pulpit Supply

  • Grace of Calvary has Pulpit Supply available.

The Mongolian Project

  • We have the unique opportunity to reach the whole country of Mongolia Via Television.

Deaf Ministry

  • While we take our ability to hear the word of God being preached for granted, there are some who can’t. The deaf ministry at Grace of Calvary is designed to help meet the spiritual needs of Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals. Sign language interpreting is provided for all services, including Sunday School.

Music Ministry

  • With Adult choir, special music opportunities, as well as Children’s choirs; Grace of Calvary tries its best to “Come before his presence with Singing”.

Nursing Home Ministry

  • The monthly ministry at Abington Crest nursing home continues to provide a church service the last Wednesday of the month in the recreation room at Abington Crest. We provide special music, hymns, singing, preaching, and delicious snacks to all of the residents who come to participate in the afternoon service.

Sunday School

  • Sunday School is a great opportunity for all different ages to learn the Christian view on today’s issues, as well as learn basic bible principles and parables. All the teachers at Grace of Calvary have completed courses to better qualify them to teach.

Youth Group

  • Being a teenager is tough, surrounded by peer pressure and the ever-growing battle of right and wrong. Youth Group provides an extra meeting time for teens to fellowship together and look into God’s word.

Tract Publication

  • We have authored a number of gospel tracts that are available from the Stable Printing Ministry.

Radio Station (WBTB)

  • As of August 2015, our radio station, WBTB 107.9 FM LP, was officially on air. We are affiliated with FBN, The Fundamental Broadcast Network, based out of New Bern, NC., Grace Baptist Church. We offer conservative Christian programming and air all services live on the radio for those unable to make it to services.